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Batteries Plus Bulbs Offers Fast, Affordable Key Fob Replacement

Tech - by Bryan Veldboom - updated on 7/21/2020

Affordable keyfobs

Key fobs have become standard equipment for most cars and trucks. But while they’re extremely convenient to use, it turns out they’re not so easy to replace. Here’s the good news. Batteries Plus Bulbs can help. The majority of our 720+ stores offer key fob programming and replacement service on a wide range of vehicles. Whether you’re replacing a lost or broken fob, or in the market for a spare, our associates can help. Here’s a brief rundown of our service, how much you’ll save, how long it takes, as well as what we program.

Skip the Dealership

Typically, replacing a key fob means having to order one through a dealership. That usually takes weeks to receive and can cost as much as several hundred dollars depending on your vehicle.

At Batteries Plus Bulbs, we offer key fob programming replacement for roughly 50% off the dealership cost. Our professional associates will help determine why your current fob isn’t working and let you know if a replacement is the most cost-effective solution. If you need a simple battery replacement, we offer both a one time and a lifetime replacement option.

Best of all, there’s no long waits. We can have your key fob finished for you in about an hour. Plus, all of our key fob services are covered by a sixth-month warranty and even our refurbished models come with three months of coverage.

Making Sense of Fobs and Remotes

Car remote technology has gotten far more advanced over the past ten years. There are now a large variety of different remote options. Here’s a basic breakdown of the various types of fobs and remotes on the market that we service.

  • Flip Keys – A fob in which both the key and remote share the same unit, with the key flipping out at the press of a button.
  • Fobiks – These remotes use infrared technology to start the vehicle rather than the use of a traditional key. Most fobiks do have a hidden metal key available for when needed.
  • Remote Head Keys – A key in which the remote buttons are physically attached to the key itself and clearly visible.
  • Smart Remote – Smart remotes allow drivers to operate their vehicles by simply bringing the remote into proximity with the car.
  • Standard remotes – Refers to any remote that is physically separated from the unit.

Stop overpaying for new key fobs. Use our online key fob replacement services finder or come visit one of our locations in person today.