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Home and Electronic Chargers

You rely on electronics & devices like your smartphone, tablet, printer, hard drive, laptop, GPS and other high-tech gear on a daily basis. Don't let a dead battery get in your way. Keep your most-used electronics charged and ready for use by browsing the assortment of home electronics chargers at Batteries Plus Bulbs. We carry USB cables, dual port chargers, NiMH battery chargers and other chargers from top-rated brands. Learn about the differences between the most common electronic chargers to identify the right type for your needs.

USB Cables and Adapters for Charging and Transmitting Data

You might have several USB cables lying around the house. You may use one to power up your laptop, another to recharge your smartphone and yet another to transfer photos from your digital camera. While USB cables are essential to everyday life, knowing which type is right for your device can be difficult. Learn more about the different types of USB connections to learn which is right for you:


One of the most common types of USBs, type A is often found on electronics like laptops, TVs, desktops and external keyboards. This rectangular-shaped USB connector is also compatible with most USB cables.


Almost square in shape, this type of USB connection is less commonly used. USB-B connections are frequently used for connecting external hard drives and printers to computers.


One of the newer types of USB connections, USB-C offers higher data transfer speeds and faster charge times. Many tablets, laptops and smartphones use this type of connection.

Micro USB Cable

The standard for many electronic gadgets and mobile devices, micro USB cables work in conjunction with USB-A port chargers. The connection can be easily identified by its black receptacle and compact design.

Mini USB Cable

Featuring a smaller USB port, these USB cables are frequently used for smaller devices. Some portable devices like video game controllers, cameras and MP3 players use mini USB cables.

Dual Port Chargers

For fast, safe and efficient charging of more than one device at a time, reach for a dual port charger. A 2-port USB wall charger is the perfect solution for charging a combination of gadgets, including your smartphone, camera or tablet. Dual port chargers are available for both home and on-the-go charging.

NiMH Battery Chargers

The key to maintaining the performance of nickel metal hydride (NiMH) batteries is to charge them properly. Overcharging can lead to decreased longevity and performance, while undercharging can cause faster battery drain.

A NiMH battery charger is designed for fast and safe charging of multiple NiMH batteries. When shopping for a new NiMH battery charger, look for a variety of helpful features:

  • A built-in conditioner that discharges and recharges cells for increased performance
  • A backlight display that shows charge status
  • Smart charge capabilities that deliver faster charge times
  • Ultra-high capacity that can charge multiple types of NiMH batteries, including C, D, AA and AAA cells

Shop the selection of home and electronic batteries at Batteries Plus Bulbs to keep your favorite devices ready to use the moment you need them.

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