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Miniature Light Bulbs

From festive decorations to safety warning lights, miniature light bulbs play an important role in everyday lighting, but their small size and unique features can make them tricky to replace. That’s why we offer a range of sizes, styles and fits to help you find convenient replacement mini light bulbs for any fixture.

Miniature Shapes and Sizes

Mini light bulbs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with unique filaments and bases that fit a range of fixtures. Explore all the features of mini bulbs to find the right design for your home or business.

  • Base: We offer miniature light bulbs in several base styles, including classic screw-base designs, as well as bayonet and lens end styles. For our mini tube lights, we include options for festoon, 2-pin 2-wire, wedge, flanged and double ended base fits to help you find the perfect mini light for any fixture.
  • Glass: Browse a range of shapes and sizes, including bomb, candle, globe, tube and more.
  • Color: From warm white to bright daylight, we carry a variety of colors to help you create a comfortable atmosphere.
  • Finish: Find the perfect look with clear and frosted styles for decorative and practical applications. Many of our mini bulbs are classic incandescent designs, providing a stylish vintage look that's great for signs and displays.
  • Voltage: Mini bulbs tend to be a lower voltage than larger bulbs, so it's important to double check the voltage of your fixture to avoid shortening the lifespan or burning out your mini bulb.

When you're shopping for replacement mini light bulbs, it's always important to check the base style, size and voltage of your bulb. If you're looking for help buying the right light bulbs, bring your old ones (or a picture of them) into your local Batteries Plus Bulbs location and we’ll be happy to help you find the correct match.

Mini Light Bulbs for Home or Business

Whether you're shopping for a mini replacement bulb for a home appliance or looking for a case of bulbs for your office needs, Batteries Plus Bulbs is happy to offer mini bulbs for every application. You’ll find knowledgeable associates available to advise you on your residential needs, and business-to-business professionals to support a larger inventory. We also offer shipping solutions and volume discounts to help get you set up with the right mini light bulbs. Learn more about frequently asked light bulb questions or drop by your local store for a free consultation.

Where to Recycle Your Mini Light Bulbs

Stuck wondering what to do with your burnt-out bulbs? Enjoy a convenient shopping and recycling experience when you visit any Batteries Plus Bulbs. All our locations serve as a drop-off point for used light bulbs and batteries, making it easy to find a new bulb and get rid of the old one all in one place. We also offer large commercial disposal options to provide a convenient and easy way to protect the environment.

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