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Powering Your Touch-Free
School or Business

Stock Up on Alkaline, Lithium & Coin Cell Batteries

Germ-free is the way to be. We know you want to keep your team, clients, students and customers healthy with touch-free faucets, towel dispensers, hand sanitizer stations and more. And we’ll help you power those devices with strong, high-quality alkaline batteries from Duracell®, Rayovac® and Energizer® Lithium.

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Hands-Free Devices
for your Space, and What It Takes to Power Them


Hands-free faucets are part of a cleaner restroom. These applications typically use AA or D-cell batteries.

Hand Sanitizer

Place a hand sanitizer station near every entrance, elevator, bathroom and kitchen. Plan to stock AA or C-cell batteries for these applications.

Soap Dispenser

Fewer touches mean less opportunity for viruses to transfer from person to person. Power your soap dispenser with AA, C-cell or D-cell batteries.

Towel Dispenser

A simple wave of the hands will do. No need to touch a crank or lever and risk spreading germs. Paper towel dispensers typically run on D-cell batteries.


A touchless flush relies on motion and keeps hands off flushing handles. Stock AA batteries to keep touchless toilets running without interruption.


No-touch thermometers require coin cell batteries. Workplace thermometers are used multiple times per day and may require more frequent battery changes than an at-home thermometer.

Though these battery requirements are typical for each application, battery requirements will vary depending on the application in your workplace. Check the owner's manual for specifics.

Popular Touch-Free Device Batteries

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Never worry about touch-free device downtime - stock up!

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Silver Oxide Coin Cell




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