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Batteries Plus Bulbs is Your One-Stop Auto Headquarters

Power - by Bryan Veldboom - updated on 12/11/2020

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Looking for a place where you can have a new auto battery installed, pick up a replacement headlight bulb as well as a spare key fob? We’ve got you covered. Batteries Plus Bulbs is your one-stop auto headquarters, featuring an enormous selection of batteries, headlight and brake light bulbs, along with convenient services like battery and windshield wiper installation, key fob programming and more.

Free Car Battery Testing

A reliable battery is crucial to turning over your vehicle’s engine. If you’re experiencing issues with the battery in your car or truck, or just looking for a little peace of mind before you start the winter season, stop by your nearest Batteries Plus Bulbs. We’ll test your battery, starter and alternator to make sure everything is working properly. Best of all, this service is completely free.

So, what do you do if you need a new battery? No worries. Each of our locations carries over 50 different battery styles and sizes, making it easy to stop in and pick up a replacement. Or, visit our site to take advantage of our Buy Online Pick Up In-Store service. Simply enter your make and model, select your brand of choice, then indicate the location where you’d like to pick it up.

Car Battery & Wiper Blade Installation

Now that you’ve picked out your new battery, let’s talk installation. Our stores offer replacement service on most makes and models with the purchase of a new battery. Plus, if you’re looking to speed up your visit, you can even schedule your arrival time online.

A standard installation is free, but we also offer premium installation for $9.99. We’ll install your battery and help guard its terminals against corrosion using special anti-corrosion spray and terminal protectors.

Need help installing a set of new windshield wiper blades? Not a problem. Our store associates will be happy to replace them for you, free of charge with the cost a new set.

Auto Headlights & Interior Light Bulbs

Need a new light bulb for your car or truck? Not a problem. Whether your car is brand new or several years old, we have the right headlight or brake light bulb for your specific make and model. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, our in-store experts can help you find a solution featuring your desired bulb duration and brightness. We carry three main types of headlight bulbs which are detailed below.

  • LED Bulbs – LED bulbs consume less power and last much longer than other bulb types. In some cases, an LED bulb may last the entire lifetime of your vehicle.
  • Halogen/Filament Bulbs – Halogen bulbs function similarly to household bulbs and are both affordable and easy to replace.
  • Xenon/HID Bulbs – High-Intensity Discharge, or HID bulbs, use xenon gas and a ballast to create white light. HID bulbs shine brighter and last longer than halogen bulbs but may take a few seconds to reach their full power.

Key Fob & Key Cutting Service

Replacing your key fob at a dealership can end up costing you hundreds of dollars. What’s worse, you’ll probably end up waiting weeks to receive it. At Batteries Plus Bulbs, we realize that when your car key fob stops working, it’s a big deal. That’s why we offer same-day key fob replacement service at the majority of our stores.

The remotes and keys you receive will work exactly like your vehicle’s original factory remote. Even better, this service costs up to 50% less than what your dealership charges. Here’s a list of the types of fobs and keyless entry remotes that we service.

  • Flip Keys – A combination key and remote fob in which the key flips out at the press of a button.
  • Fobiks – Remotes that use infrared technology to start the vehicle.
  • Remote Head Keys – A key in which the remote buttons are physically attached to the key itself.
  • Smart Remotes – Remotes which allow drivers to operate their vehicles by simply bring the remote into proximity with their car.
  • Standard Remotes – Any remote that is physically separated from the unit.

We also offer key fob battery replacement and key cutting services. Many times, when a key fob stops working, it’s due to a spent battery. We can swap this out for you in a matter of minutes. Plus, if you need a spare key for a car, truck or other vehicle, we can handle that for you too.

Do you have an auto issue that needs addressing? Stop into your nearest Batteries Plus Bulbs or visit us online. We can provide you with the batteries, bulbs, wipers, fobs and keys you need to help get you back on the road.