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Car and Truck Light Bulbs

When your car or truck's brake lights or headlights quit working, the situation could be hazardous and even become a legal issue. Batteries Plus Bulbs carries a wide assortment of the headlight bulb replacements and car light bulbs you need to maintain your vehicle. Stay safe while you're on the road, and keep your lights shining brightly by browsing our collection of motor vehicle light bulbs from trusted brands.

Car and Truck Light Bulb Finder

Every vehicle comes with pre-installed lights. Unfortunately, the car light bulbs your vehicle came with may only offer enough lighting to meet government requirements, and even then, they won’t last forever. Replace your headlight bulbs as soon as they break or burn out to ensure your safety.

Headlight Bulb Replacement Shopping Guide

Headlight bulb replacement is an important part of vehicle maintenance, as their performance can lessen over time. If you know what you're looking for, the best replacement headlight bulbs can achieve just the right blend of aesthetic appeal and increased visibility.

Car light bulbs, like headlights and tail lights, have come a long way in recent decades. Advanced technology makes it possible to get a better and safer driving experience each time you get behind the wheel. Use the following factors to determine the best replacement headlight bulbs for your vehicle:

  • Duration. The lifespan of the replacement headlight bulbs should play a major role in your shopping process. Look for longer-lasting bulbs that require less frequent replacements.
  • Brightness. Brighter headlight bulbs can increase road visibility but may have a shorter lifespan.
  • Whiteness. Some types of car light bulbs produce a sharp, vivid white light that could make for safer driving conditions.

Different Types of Headlight Bulbs

There are three main types of headlight bulbs – LED, halogen, and xenon. Each type produces light in a different way, and your headlight may contain more than one type of bulb, depending on your make and model.

LED Bulbs

Since LED bulbs consume less power and last much longer than other types, they're becoming an increasingly popular choice for headlights, taillights, and indicators. In some instances, LED bulbs may last the lifetime of the car.

Halogen/Filament Bulbs

Halogen bulbs work very similarly to household bulbs and are easy to replace when the time comes. This type of bulb offers a cost-effective headlight solution.

Xenon/HID Bulbs

High-Intensity Discharge, or HID bulbs, use xenon gas and a ballast to create a white light. HID bulbs shine brighter and last longer than halogen bulbs, but may take a few seconds to reach their full power.

Where to Find the Best Replacement Headlight Bulbs

Visit Batteries Plus Bulbs in-store, or shop by make and model online to find the best replacement headlight bulbs for your vehicle. Whether you're looking for new bulbs for your turn signal, glove box, side indicators, running lights, instrument panel, or something else, we carry a large inventory of car light bulbs. Keep your car running stronger for longer by checking out our assortment of car and truck batteries and chargers, too.

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