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Battery Boxes

A battery box gives you a safe way to store and transport your batteries. The selection of battery boxes in various sizes at Batteries Plus Bulbs helps to maximize the life of your battery while providing easy access for maintenance. Find a variety of battery box formats that protect against high and low temperatures, sun exposure, short-circuiting and more. We carry large and small battery boxes to fit batteries for marine crafts, golf carts, mobile scooters and more.

What's the Purpose of a Battery Box?

The most important function of a battery box is to keep the vehicle or marine battery safeguarded against damage. A battery box prevents the battery from being exposed to potentially harmful elements, such as flammable substances, rain, heat and corrosive materials. It also helps protect the environment by preventing battery acid from spilling out. As another benefit, boxes make battery transportation easier, too.

Keep Your Property Safe

Whether you enjoy water activities in a motorized kayak, a small boat with a trolling motor or a spacious yacht, our battery boxes create a protective seal around any type of marine battery. The different battery box formats we have in stock typically have two parts:

  • A base that reduces battery shifting and collects any spilled contaminants.
  • A lid that offers convenient access to the battery for altering its cable configuration or conducting routine maintenance.

Many boat owners carry two or more marine batteries to meet their power demands. You’ll find a variety of battery boxes available in our inventory, including formats with single compartments and models like our dual 6V battery boxes with two compartments.

Which Battery Box Size is Right for Your Needs?

Size is one of the most crucial factors to consider when buying a battery box. Our battery boxes are available in different size groups. You may have heard terms like "group 27 battery box" or "marine battery box group 27." These numbers refer to the physical dimensions of each battery's case, as defined by the Battery Council International (BCI).

To select the right box, match the BCI number of your battery to a battery box with the same group number. For example, if you have a group 27 battery, pick a group 27 battery box to fit your battery. When shopping for a new marine battery box, keep in mind that several models in our inventory are adjustable for group 24, 27 or 31-size batteries for added convenience. Common battery box formats you'll find in our collection include:

  • Group 24
  • Group 27
  • Group 31
  • Group 4D
  • Group U1
  • Group size 6V
  • Group size dual 6V

Where to Find the Best Array of Battery Boxes

No matter the size or type of your watercraft or small vehicle, our waterproof large and small battery boxes are made to prevent battery damage from heavy impact or water. Explore the best variety of battery boxes at Batteries Plus Bulbs online or in-store today.

Shop new marine and boat batteries, then dispose of your old ones by visiting your neighborhood Batteries Plus Bulbs store for our battery recycling services. We offer environmentally responsible battery disposal and recycling services that adhere to federal, state and municipal regulations.

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