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Motorcycle Batteries

Motor not running? Let’s get it there. If you’re not sure how to find what you’re looking for, just enter your make and model into our Motorcycle Battery Finder. We’ll guide you to the best battery for your bike.

Motorcycle Battery Finder

How to Maintain Your Motorcycle Battery

With a selection designed to meet or beat original equipment specifications for cold cranking amps (CCA), reserve capacity (RC) and amp hour (Ah), you get the motorcycle battery you need for your next cruise on the open road. When searching for replacement motorcycle batteries, the best fit depends on your bike model and riding habits.

NOCO Genius Battery Charger

Maintain a Charge

Storing the battery in a discharged state will shorten its lifespan. Instead, plug it into a motorcycle battery charger so that your battery stays ready to go.

Duracell Motorcycle Battery

Remember Off-Season Maintenance

Even when you're not using it, it's important to care for your motorcycle battery. Bring it to any Batteries Plus Bulbs location and one of our experts would be happy to help you with a free battery test. Find your nearest store.

Reliable Motorcycle Bulbs & Batteries

When you're out on a long trip, it's essential that every part of your motorcycle is trustworthy – that's why we offer more than just the best motorcycle batteries. Our wide selection of motorcycle light bulbs gives you the visibility you need, anywhere you go. Shop a range of bulb color and life, with quality light bulb replacements that will meet or beat the original equipment.

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