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Upgrading to a LED fixture is a great way to lower energy costs, reduce maintenance time, and improve aesthetics and security. Choose from a number of designs, brightness outputs, and features to find the right fixture that meets your needs.

If you are looking to improve your business or organization's lighting, please contact us to schedule a free assessment. We'll come on-site to better understand your unique environment and goals. After completing a thorough assessment, we will provide you with valuable lighting incites and recommendations.

Benefits of LED Fixture vs Existing Lighting

Reduce Energy Costs & Save Money

Outdated lighting costs your business money and creates a poor work environment. Upgrade to cost-effective, energy efficient LED fixtures to lower your energy bills.

Free Up Maintenance Time

Free up some of your maintenance team's time with LED fixtures. With a long service life and easy installation process, they'll have time to focus on other tasks.

Why Choose Batteries Plus Bulbs

Volume Discount Pricing & Delivery

Large orders can be expensive and difficult to transport. With your Batteries Plus Bulbs Business Account you have free delivery, perfect for when you need to order by the pallet or truckload. Contact us to discuss your battery and lighting needs.

Local Utility Rebates Assistance

Get educated on local utility incentives that are available to you. One of our lighting experts will assist you with the necessary paperwork to ensure you get an accurate and timely reimbursement. Contact us to get advice on utility rebates.

On-Site Needs Assessment

Flickering lights, inconsistent colors, and poorly lit areas all create safety concerns and inefficient working conditions. Schedule a free on-site needs assessment and we'll come to your business to identify areas for improvement and provide recommendations for cost saving solutions. Contact us now to get a free on-site assessment.

"I was caught off guard by the commitment to understand my business and how Batteries Plus Bulbs could help me find cost-saving opportunities. They know their stuff!" - Frank B, Business Owner

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