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ATV Chargers

If you've ever kept your ATV in storage, chances are you've experienced the frustrations of dealing with a dead battery. The battery on a smaller engine, like the type in an ATV, can drain much faster than a standard-sized car battery. Fortunately, reviving your dead battery is as easy as picking the right ATV battery charger from Batteries Plus Bulbs. Keep your battery in tip-top shape by shopping our large selection of quality ATV battery chargers and tenders.

While the ATV's engine supplies enough horsepower to propel the vehicle, most of the accessories you use are powered by the battery, including the starter. Whether you're using an attachment, like a winch or the headlights, you need a battery that can provide enough power.

How to Charge an ATV Battery

Just as starting your car on a regular basis can help to keep the battery charged, starting your ATV regularly can help to prevent battery problems. During off seasons when you leave your ATV in storage, a battery tender or charger can help to get you back on the road again when the time comes.

ATV Battery Chargers Vs. ATV Battery Tenders

ATV Battery Charger

The major difference between a charger and a tender is that a charger constantly applies a charge, even if the battery is fully charged. This means it may be possible to overcharge, which could result in damage to the battery. Since an ATV battery charger delivers a constant charge, you must disconnect and reconnect the device regularly.

ATV Battery Tender

A battery tender, on the other hand, has built-in monitoring capabilities, so it only charges the battery once its voltage drops below a specified level. The device sends a slow charge to the battery over a period of several hours and stops when the battery reaches a full charge.

The main benefit of an ATV battery tender is that it won't overcharge the battery, so it can be left connected indefinitely. This is especially helpful if you decide to leave the battery in your ATV while storing it for long periods of time.

While a battery tender is a great option for keeping your battery charged, it can also help to extend the life of your battery and keep it in the best possible condition. Since an ATV battery tender costs less than purchasing a replacement battery, it makes for a worthwhile investment.

Find the Best Inventory of ATV Batteries Chargers and Tenders

Don't let a dead ATV battery put a damper on your plans. Batteries Plus Bulbs carries a wide array of ATV battery tenders and chargers that are compatible with most batteries, including lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries. Shop online or visit us in-store to find a new ATV battery tender or charger so you’re ready for every ride. Then, find everything you need to ensure your ATV is running in great shape by browsing our selection of ATV light bulbs and batteries, too.

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