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LED Light Bulbs

LED bulbs consume roughly 80%-85% less energy than incandescent bulbs and can last 15-20 years before needing replacement. That means more efficiency and less spending – what’s not to like? Many incandescent bulbs are even being discontinued, and since the price of LED bulbs continues to come down, getting LED replacement bulbs for your home or office is clearly the way to go.

The Perfect Replacement

No matter what your lighting needs, you can find an LED replacement that’s more efficient and longer lasting. Our bulbs offer superior light quality over more traditional bulbs.

LED Features

LED bulbs are available in multiple glass shapes and color temperatures, to light your room just the way you like it. LED bulbs can be omni-directional, shedding light in all directions, or semi-directional, which is suited for focusing light in a tighter pattern.

Business Applications

Many business customers have made energy and cost saving decisions to upgrade to LED bulbs. Contact your local store to have a lighting expert analyze your business lighting needs. We have large inventories, broad assortments, and drop ship capabilities. Whether you need a truckload, case, or a single lamp or bulb, we are your one-stop source. We also offer volume discount opportunities, business deliveries, and multiple order and payment options.

LED Dimmer Compatibility

LED lights require specific designs to be able to be dimmed. They also need to be associated with compatible dimmer controls to work effectively. Each of our LED light bulbs are tested extensively to ensure compatibility with the top dimmer manufacturers. Please review the specifications tab of our LED product pages, which will indicate whether the bulb is dimmable and the dimmers tested, to match up the correct bulb for your control. Have questions? Contact one of our light bulb experts.

LED Disposal and Recycling

While light bulb technology continues to evolve and is great for energy savings, still need to be disposed of properly to help keep our environment safe. Batteries Plus Bulbs is a leader in recycling spent light bulbs and commercial lamps. Contact us or visit your nearest store for complete information on local and state recycling.

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