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Laptop Chargers

Your laptop delivers more power than your smartphone and more accessibility than a desktop, so you need the right laptop charger that's strong enough to complete any task. Whether you've misplaced your laptop charger or you just need a spare, getting the right charger means you can focus on important projects without worrying about running out of battery power.

One option might be a universal laptop charger, compatible with most major laptop brands, including the Duracell 40W Universal Chromebook charger, Duracell 90W Universal charger, and Duracell 60W Universal Type-C charger.

Or, shop from our large variety of laptop power supply products, with power cords and chargers from top brands like Apple, Compaq, Dell, HP, Samsung, and Toshiba.

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Nothing's as frustrating as having a dead laptop battery and a broken charger when you're ready to surf the web, draft a document, or stream your favorite movie. When your original charger quits working, give your laptop a new lease by purchasing the proper laptop charger. Here are a few things to think about whenever you're selecting a new laptop power cord:

Avoid Generic Laptop Chargers

While the construction of a laptop charger might seem simple, picking a generic laptop charger versus one from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) could damage your laptop. Manufacturer-made computer chargers are designed to safely convert the alternative current (AC) power from an outlet into the direct current (DC) your laptop requires to keep a charge.

A generic laptop charger may not properly charge the lithium-ion battery in your laptop, which could result in overheating. Most manufacturer-recommended laptop power supply equipment undergoes rigorous testing to ensure safety. Although generic laptop chargers may cost less initially, their lower-grade components and construction aren't designed to last for long.

Locate Your Laptop Model and Brand

You already know the brand of your laptop, but locating the specific model number can be helpful in determining which charger you'll need. In most cases, the model number will be displayed on a label on the bottom of the laptop. The information is usually printed directly on the inside of the battery compartment, too. Before checking the battery compartment, power down your laptop first and unplug the power cord. Once you've found your laptop model and brand, enter the information in our laptop charger finder to see compatible laptop charger replacements.

Find the Laptop's Voltage Requirements

Once you've located your model and brand, determine the voltage requirements for the laptop charger. Laptop chargers offer varying voltage outputs and using an incorrect charger for your laptop could damage it. Your user's manual should list the voltage requirements you'll need.

Verify Before You Buy

Before purchasing a new laptop power cord online, it's a good idea to compare the image of the replacement laptop charger to your existing one. Does the printed information featured on your current adapter match the information on the new one? If you're purchasing a replacement laptop power supply product in-store, take your laptop with you to verify the new charger fits correctly.

Keep your laptop working whenever you need it by browsing the large selection of laptop chargers at Batteries Plus Bulbs. We carry all major laptop charger types, so finding the right one for your model is as easy as searching online or visiting your neighborhood Batteries Plus Bulbs store location. If it turns out you need a replacement laptop battery, we can help you with that, too.

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