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Tablet and E Reader Batteries

You depend on your tablet or e-reader to keep you connected and entertained while you're on the go. If your device won't hold a charge or the charge doesn't last long enough to get you through your day, it may be time to replace the battery. If you're looking for where to buy tablet batteries for your iPad, Kindle or one of many other top e-reader brands, Batteries Plus Bulbs has everything you need to stay powered up.

Find Your Tablet and E Reader Battery

Maximize the Power of Your Tablet Battery

A worn-out battery is a frustrating inconvenience but there are steps you can take to help keep your battery going strong. Once you've replaced the battery in your tablet or e-reader, try these suggestions to reduce consumption and even extend the life of the new battery:

  • Reduce the screen's brightness.
  • Close or remove unused apps and browser pages.
  • Turn off background functions such as location services and automatic syncing.
  • Occasionally let the battery discharge fully before recharging.
  • At the same time, don't allow the battery to sit at 0-percent for long periods of time.
  • Don't leave your tablet sitting in a car or anywhere else that could experience extreme temperatures.

Tablet and E-Reader Battery Recycling

Tablet batteries are a specialty item that you may not find in your local big-box store. Batteries Plus Bulbs makes it easy to buy a tablet battery online right here or in one of our store locations near you. Because tablet batteries can be tricky to replace, we have trained technicians on site who can provide tablet battery replacement services to ensure the job is done correctly. Batteries Plus Bulbs can also recycle your old battery for eco-friendly and convenient disposal.

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