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Flashlight Chargers

You rely on your flashlight to light the way in a variety of situations, and the last thing you want is a dead battery when you need your flashlight the most. Keep your rechargeable flashlight powered and ready to go by browsing the selection of flashlight chargers from Batteries Plus Bulbs. We carry a large inventory of flashlight battery chargers from trusted brands, so you'll never be stuck in the dark again.

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Benefits of a Rechargeable Flashlight

A rechargeable flashlight offers a more convenient and environmentally friendly option over traditional flashlights. Rather than dealing with the hassles of keeping a stash of the right batteries on hand, a flashlight charger eliminates the need to remove and replace batteries.

How Does a Flashlight Charger Work?

Designed for easy use, a flashlight battery charger delivers the same amount of power as a classic battery-operated flashlight. In most cases, you can simply slide the flashlight into the cradle on the charger or place it onto the base. In addition to flashlight battery traditional chargers featuring cradles and bases, we also offer convenient USB models.

Are All Flashlight Chargers the Same?

Unlike some gadgets, like smartphones, that can be charged with standard cables or adapters, in most instances, flashlight chargers are designed to fit specific models of rechargeable flashlights. For example, you most likely won't be able to recharge a Fenix flashlight with a Streamlight flashlight charger.

While a USB flashlight charger might fit multiple brands and models of rechargeable flashlights, failing to use the type specified by the manufacturer could cause damage to the flashlight. For that reason, it's important to read the manufacturer's recommendations before charging to ensure compatibility.

Types of Rechargeable Flashlight Charging Mechanisms

The charging mechanisms of rechargeable flashlights vary based on model and manufacturer. Besides the traditional cradle charging method, other common charging mechanisms include:

Solar Charging

A great option for times when you may not have access to an electrical outlet, a solar flashlight charger is the most environmentally friendly charging method available. However, solar charging is often much slower than other methods and requires direct exposure to sunlight to operate.

Micro USB Charging

Because of its versatility, this type of flashlight battery charger is one of the most popular charging methods. Although micro USB charge times can be a bit slower than the wall outlet method, it may be a more convenient option since you'll have the ability to charge the flashlight via laptop, computer or wall outlet with the right adapter.

Vehicle Cigarette Lighter Charging

Some rechargeable flashlights are equipped with a cable that fits into a vehicle cigarette lighter port. Many vehicles now have built-in USB ports that allow convenient recharging while on the go, too.

Don't contend with a dim or failing light source again. Explore our collection of quality flashlight battery chargers here at Batteries Plus Bulbs. Have questions about which type of flashlight charger you need? Stop by your local Batteries Plus Bulbs store, and one of our Trusted Advisors will gladly help.

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