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MP3 Chargers

Listen to your favorite tunes longer with the right MP3 charger from Batteries Plus Bulbs. Find an array of compatible MP3 player chargers, including car chargers, wall chargers and power banks, to work with your specific device. Get to know the differences between the most common types of MP3 chargers, and browse through our large selection of standard micro USB and manufacturer-specific cables, including Apple, Coby, Philips, Samsung and Sony MP3 player chargers.

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Common Types of Battery Chargers for MP3 Players

Selecting the right MP3 player charger for your needs will largely depend on two factors:

  1. How you use your device. If you primarily use your MP3 player at home or work, you most likely have access to an electrical outlet where you can easily charge your device in between uses. However, if you're frequently on the go, you might benefit from a portable charging solution.
  2. The manufacturer requirements. Some devices use standard micro USB cables for charging while others require specific charging cables. Using the wrong MP3 player charger for your specific model could cause the battery to charge improperly. In some cases, using the wrong charger could cause damage to your MP3 player.

Fortunately, even if you don't have the original charger that came with your device, Batteries Plus Bulbs can help you find a compatible model. Here's a breakdown of just a few types of battery chargers for MP3 players we carry:

Wall MP3 Chargers for Charging Directly from an Outlet

A wall MP3 charger transfers power directly from an outlet or another power source to the device. For best results when using a wall MP3 charger, power off your device first before plugging it into the power adapter. Verify the device is charging properly by checking for the indicator light, which is usually red or yellow. Leave the device plugged in until it's fully recharged.

Car MP3 Chargers for Convenient Charging While Traveling

Listening to your MP3 player frequently while you're traveling can quickly drain the battery. Keep your MP3 player charged whenever you're on the go with a car MP3 charger featuring a built-in USB plug. Look for car battery chargers for MP3 players with multiple ports that allow you to charge more than one device, such as a smartphone, laptop or notebook, at a time.

Power Banks for MP3 Players for Increased Portability

Keep a battery backup close by to use your device whenever you're far away from an outlet. A power bank charger is a must-have accessory for any music fanatic. Get portable power to charge your MP3 player without the need for a direct USB connection. A power bank MP3 charger lets you store electrical energy via standard USB charging from a direct power source and then use that energy later to charge your device when you're on the move.

A dead MP3 player battery can ruin your jam. Whether you're looking for a replacement charger or a more convenient way to keep your device ready to go, discover everything you need to get the most out of your MP3 player at Batteries Plus Bulbs. Shop our inventory of battery chargers for MP3 players here or in-store. We also carry replacement MP3 batteries, too.

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