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Outdoor Sports Chargers

Replenish the battery life of your favorite gadgets whenever you're on the go with the selection of outdoor tech portable chargers at Batteries Plus Bulbs. Browse our inventory of high-capacity portable phone chargers and sports chargers to keep your devices fully functional during every activity. Whether you're into photography, bicycling, hunting or hitting the trails, our high-capacity battery chargers are designed to ensure you never lose access to your most relied-upon gadgets again.

Find Your Outdoor Sports Charger

When you're navigating the great outdoors, portability and reliability are crucial. The best outdoor portable chargers are lightweight, rugged and waterproof, letting you take them anywhere. Some of our chargers also feature dual ports for charging two devices at a time.

High-capacity mobile chargers for smartphones, cameras and other technology work like extra batteries for your devices. Find the right outdoor tech portable chargers for your needs at Batteries Plus Bulbs.

Finding the Best Outdoor Portable Charger

Batteries Plus Bulbs carries high-capacity battery chargers for navigation devices, smartphones, trail cameras, cycling computers and beyond. Finding a compatible charger for your device is as easy as using our convenient filters to search for your exact model or visiting your local store to speak to one of our knowledgeable professionals. You may also want to check out our universal portable chargers and battery packs to work with multiple types of devices.

Aside from choosing the type of outdoor tech portable charger your device requires, you want one with the capacity to keep your devices powered up whenever the need arises. Consider the following factors when picking the best outdoor portable charger for your plans:

Outdoor Tech Portable Charger Capacity

Our outdoor tech portable chargers come in a variety of charging capacities to match the array of sizes and shapes of your essential gadgets. The capacity of most rechargeable batteries is measured in milliamperes (mAh). High-capacity portable phone chargers can pack enough mAh to power multiple phones or devices at the same time. When picking the best outdoor portable charger, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Which devices do you need to power?
  • Do you need to power more than one device at a time?
  • How long will you be away from an electrical source?

Keep in mind, some high-capacity portable phone chargers support both wall and car port charging.

High-Capacity Mobile Charger Features

Look for premium features like LED lighting that indicates the device's charging status so you'll always know when it's fully charged. High-capacity battery chargers featuring dual USB charging ports can go a long way in keeping your must-have gadgets powered and ready to go whenever you need them, too.

Physical Size and Weight of the Charger

Another factor to consider when purchasing the best outdoor portable charger is its size and weight. Some chargers are small enough to fit comfortably in your pocket while delivering enough power to charge all your devices at once. These ultra-thin designs are ideal for road trips and camping excursions where space may be limited.

Shop the collection of high-capacity mobile chargers at Batteries Plus Bulbs today. Then, explore additional solutions to make the most out of your outdoor adventures by browsing our assortment of outdoor fixtures and marine and boat batteries.

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