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Personal Watercraft Chargers

Prolong the life and run-time of your personal watercraft (PWC) battery with a charger from Batteries Plus Bulbs. The right PWC battery charger increases the performance of your battery, keeping your Jet Ski, Sea-Doo or WaveRunner powered and ready for hours of fun on the water.

Choosing the Right Personal Watercraft Battery Charger

Different types of personal watercraft batteries have different demands, so it's important to choose a WaveRunner or Jet Ski battery charger that's right for your needs. When browsing different brands and models, consider a few key factors to help you find the perfect fit:

  • Voltage: Some types of battery chargers offer variable output voltages, while others are designed for a specific output. Before buying a new charger, check whether your battery is a 6V or 12V to protect your PWC battery from overcharging.
  • Battery type: Find a range of different personal watercraft batteries, including flooded, gel, AGM and lithium styles. Some of our chargers, like the Duracell Ultra, can charge any powersport battery, while others are designed for specific batteries and watercraft models.

Personal Watercraft Battery Charger Features

In addition to finding a safe and compatible fit for your PWC battery, we offer chargers with features that make regular maintenance easier. Browse a range of designs for helpful styles that fit your usage and habits.

  • Weatherproof: If you're on the go or charging in outdoor environments, weatherproof PWC battery chargers offer additional safety for you and your battery. Waterproof, shock and vibration-resistant designs make it easier to transport your battery charger anywhere you want to go.
  • LED indicators: No more waiting and testing the battery – know the moment your watercraft is ready to go with this helpful indicator system.
  • Overload protection: Prolong the life of your battery and avoid damage with overload, temperature and voltage protection.
  • Charge maintenance: If you plan to leave your watercraft in storage, look for battery chargers that can assess and maintain your battery charge at a safe level to avoid overcharging.

Caring for Your Personal Watercraft Battery

Wondering how to charge a Jet Ski battery? Keep your PWC battery in peak condition with a few simple maintenance tricks:

  • Avoid storing the battery in a discharged state: This decreases the life of your battery and leaves you with a wait time when you want to use your watercraft. Instead, choose a charger that keeps your battery at full charge, even when it's in storage.
  • Maintain a battery charge: Avoid fully discharging your battery during use. When your charge starts to run low, plug your battery into a charger to extend its life and run-time.
  • Store the battery in a safe space: Keep your battery safe from water, heat and impact with a sturdy battery box. These are great for off-season storage and safe transportation.

Recycling Your Personal Watercraft Battery

Even with the best maintenance, every battery dies eventually. When the time comes to dispose of your powersport battery, drop by your nearest Batteries Plus Bulbs location for quick and responsible battery recycling. We offer a variety of battery and bulb recycling options for personal and business needs, making it easy to find a new battery and safely dispose of the old one all in one place.

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