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Video Game Chargers

Gaming sessions are all about relaxing and having fun, but having a dead battery prevent or interrupt your game can be frustrating. If you want interruption-free gaming time, a charger will help ensure you have a steady source of power whether you’re saving a princess, a country, or a galaxy.

Chargers for Consoles and Accessories

Batteries Plus Bulbs has chargers for controllers, headsets, and even for some handheld consoles. Since wireless devices can’t draw their power from the device itself, a quality charger will help ensure they turn on when you want them to. You can also pick up spare batteries to make sure you’ll be able to play your video games whenever you find the time.

Need help finding a replacement Charger?

If you can’t find a charger for your device, stop by a Batteries Plus Bulbs store near you and ask an associate for help.

Types of Chargers

The type of charger you want will depend almost entirely on the battery your device uses. If it uses a custom-made battery pack, you’ll need a charger specifically designed to match that device. However, many devices uses standard AA or AAA batteries or rely on a micro USB connection for power that allow for a universal charger. While some brands have first-party charging cables, most accessories are compatible with universal or third-party cords, too.

If you’re worried about finding a compatible charger for your device, let Batteries Plus Bulbs help! Find your model and we’ll show you only the chargers that work with it.

Help is just a phone call away! 1-800-677-8278