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Room Light Bulbs

Find the best light bulbs for each room in your home at Batteries Plus Bulbs. Learn how to choose the brightest light bulbs to create the ideal ambiance in your living room, kitchen, bedroom and beyond.

Better lighting can help you feel productive or relaxed, but it should also serve a specific role in your home. Depending on the purpose of your room, your light bulbs should optimize your home's functionality while establishing an ideal atmosphere.

Three Types of Lighting

Did you know bulbs that emit blue light waves promote a sense of focus, while bulbs that emit warmer light waves create a feeling of relaxation? Combine the appropriate light fixtures and light bulbs to illuminate your environment and add aesthetic appeal to any space. Generally, light bulb function falls into one of three categories:

  • Ambient Lighting: Ambient lighting serves as a space’s overall light source and gives off a gentle brightness that's not overpowering.
  • Task Lighting: Compared to ambient lighting, task lighting is brighter and more concentrated. An ideal choice for lighting up a work or reading space, this type of lighting focuses light in a specific area.
  • Accent Lighting: Accent lights, including landscape lights and wall lights, draw attention to a particular area or feature. Accent light bulbs are brighter than both ambient and task light bulbs.

Consider Each Room's Function

When shopping for new light bulbs, think about where you need lighting within each room. Consider these general, room-by-room suggestions when selecting new light bulbs for your home:

The Best Light Bulbs for the Living Room

The living room is a popular space for entertaining guests, watching movies and just kicking back and relaxing. In this space, having a mix of light sources is important so you can adapt the lighting to whatever the occasion may be. The best light bulbs for the living room integrate a mix of light sources for optimum lighting. Think about incorporating ambient lighting that illuminates the space and accent lights to highlight artwork or family photos. Then, use LED light bulbs in lamps positioned throughout the room to provide ample lighting for reading or other tasks while eliminating unwanted shadows.

The Best Light Bulbs for the Kitchen

The kitchen is an essential workspace primarily used for prepping meals and hosting social gatherings. The best light bulbs for the kitchen incorporate bright, crisp ambient lighting with even brighter task lighting over the stove. If you also use your kitchen as a dining area, create a relaxing, welcoming environment by choosing light bulbs with a warmer color temperature.

Bright Light Bulbs for the Bedroom

While the atmosphere in your bedroom should evoke a relaxing, calm and peaceful feeling, you also need enough task lighting for reading and getting ready in the morning. Use bright light bulbs in your nightstand lamps, then angle the lamps away from your bed to maintain a serene environment. Avoid light bulbs with blue waves in the bedroom because they may interrupt sleeping patterns.

Outdoor Lighting

Shop outdoor area lights to illuminate your front and backyard, and add landscape lighting to highlight your plant life and your home’s architectural features. Find security light options to keep your home safely lit and monitor outside activity at night. We carry a selection of outdoor lights to enhance your exterior design and promote security for a greater peace of mind.

Shop the best and brightest light bulbs for every room in your home at Batteries Plus Bulbs. Use our search filters to explore light bulbs suitable for any space, indoor or outdoor.

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